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Shelley is drawn to the effects of time, the transience of nature, the things that go un-noticed and the ever changing fragility of the things around her.


A recurring aspect of her work is fragmentation, reconstruction and repair.  She uses techniques inspired by Kantha and Japanese Boro, layering scraps of distressed and pre-used fabrics to create a new whole by layering, trapping, folding, darning and mending. She prints, paints, dyes and stains fabrics and paper. After careful selection, the small pieces are layered, patched and pieced. They may be used inside out, upside down or back to front. Then they are held together with stitch or other materials such as metal, plaster, nails, pins, tacks, staples and wire or whatever is relevant to the subject.


She is currently investigating the impact of man on the environment with particular reference to the coral seas. Recent work relates to the death of the world’s coral reefs as a result of climate change and rising sea temperatures. The most obvious sign of damage is coral bleaching which occurs when water temperatures rise for a sustained period, leading to the white, skeletal appearance of the coral. Her work explores bleaching, fragility and damage to the reefs.

Her research is also leading her to look at the terrible consequences of plastic in the oceans and the damage it is causing the coral. She is currently working on new pieces relating to the problems that plastic is causing in the environment.




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